The Strategy Itself



Ideas and information for you to wake up your local community so that they say ‘No!’ to what’s happening to all of us

1. Always remember that we are the proverbial 99%, but 95% of us haven’t quite realised that fact yet. So, that leaves 4% of us who do realise that humanity is being threatened with an Orwellian-inspired SMART future that’s based around enormous State surveillance, one-sided propaganda and detailed control over every aspect of our lives with the State knowing and providing everything that we are told we need—just as we see being practised today in modern-day China by the Chinese Communist Party. That is our future unless we act fast!

Remember always that the deep state’s ultimate plan is for us to be happy, but to actually own nothing! This nightmare of a 5G-led ‘technocracy’ can only be prevented if we organise ourselves quickly into a mass linear and leaderless movement at the grassroots and form a sort of ‘guerrilla army’ that’s armed only with knowledge, truth, cheek, stubbornness and humour. We must be an attractive movement that people warm to immediately because we are peaceful, fun to be with and effective. We can have many different campaigning names but we must all have the same goals.

And these goals are:

  1. The restoration of the supremacy of Common Law to its full potential to protect us all.
  2. People taking back full control of creating debt-free and interest-free money in order to secure a truly prosperous and fair society which leaves no one behind.
  3. Revealing deliberately suppressed knowledge and utilising at all times ‘good science’ whereby real health, along with the potential of free Nikola Tesla-style limitless energy, are secured for the good of all.
  4. Always to increase and protect the natural health and bio-diversity of the Earth by fully embracing at all times the real and spiritual values of Ecology.

2. In every conversation we have with people, there is one fact that must be made loud and clear at all times. This alleged ‘virus’, which has never been isolated to prove scientifically that it actually exists, has killed, according the World Health Organisation’s own statistics, one elderly individual (with an average age of around eighty) for every three-thousand people! This fact cannot be denied. Can we really justify what has happened to our economy and our nation’s mental health for such ridiculous and safe odds?

3. We now have to make things personal with the people doing us deliberate harm! However, this must be done in such a way that is respectful, polite but very determined. We cannot allow our elected servants to wriggle out of responding by claiming that we’re being ‘vexatious’—a favourite word used by them to dodge answering our concerns. Always try and inject some humour and friendliness in your determination to bring them to account. When collaring and approaching MPs personally in the street or in their surgeries away from their collective security of the ‘Westminster bubble’, don’t shout or rant at them, go out of your way to be friendly, even when you are exasperated by their replies and their ignorance. Film and record everything for public viewing on the websites below—this is what they are genuinely afraid of.

4. As a priority, every member of the Treasury Select Committee must now be bombarded with a polite and simple requirement for them to do their duty and to immediately go public on what happened in August 1914 when HM Treasury rescued the British economy from imminent collapse by creating debt-free and interest-free money (the ‘Bradbury Pound’) that’s based solely on the wealth and creativity of the nation.

Such an immediate restoration today of this extremely simple, effective, proven but deliberately suppressed, fiscal arrangement would save tens of thousands of businesses and millions of jobs, whilst ensuring that our country does not further ratchet up our interest-bearing and crippling National Debt. It would also spell the end of the Great Reset. The ONLY way the deep state controls us is by controlling our money through their private central banking system. We have to end this insane and criminal nonsense once and for all.

This is extremely important. Please write and email today the following MPs who are members of this Committee: Mel Stride (Chairman), Steve Baker, Anthony Browne, Angela Eagle, Julie Marson, Alison Thewliss, Rushanara Ali, Harriett Baldwin, Felicity Buchan, Mike Hill, Siobhain McDonagh. Also please write to the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle and the Shadow Chancellor, Anneliese Dodds as well as to the Chancellor of the Exchequer himself, Rishi Sunak. They have refused so far to respond to such requests. They must be made to realise just what they’re doing and that their continuing refusal will lead to their eventual prosecution under the Common Law.

And finally, please go public in your local community on the ‘Bradbury Pound’ and contact local union officials, local radio stations and, of course, your local newspaper. This is THE Achilles heel for dealing with these wretched criminal globalists!

5. In the interests of fair play and democracy, not to mention complying with their BBC Charter itself, write to the leadership of the BBC requiring them to provide live, unedited prime-time debates between those scientists who are genuinely worried about the vaccine roll-out and those who are not. Likewise, there need to be live, balanced debates about the Great Reset itself and its implications, along with an impartial look at the private Central Banking system. The science of ‘Climate Change’ must also be opened up in a fair and balanced way. The BBC must be reminded of their responsibility to educate people in a truthful, honest and unbiased way. ‘Actions’ to peacefully disrupt live TV broadcasts must also be considered, using clearly printed signs with simple slogans like ‘End Tyranny’, ‘Stop the Great Reset’, ‘No to Eugenics and Gates’ Vaccinations’, Bring back the Bradbury Pound’, ‘Imprison the Banksters’, ‘Conspiracy, Yes—Theory, No’ and ‘We are the 99%’ should be used. Remember how live Brexit TV and Radio coverage was ‘interfered with’ effectively by both sides of the debate.

6. Start real conversations with the seemingly ‘Common Purposed’ and programmed police. When you see a police constable standing or sitting around not actually doing anything, go up to them and have a friendly chat, making them aware of the planned Great Reset and what is coming for their children as well as ours. Educate them gently as to how their training has deliberately undervalued the supremacy of Common Law and how they have effectively become corporate enforcers. They must also be made aware of the Nuremburg Code so that they realise just how serious things are becoming with the vaccine roll-out.

7. Support moves peacefully to ‘invade’ Roman civil law courts to rescue people being robbed by the corporate ‘Crown’ whilst supporting those who are seeking to re-establish Common Law Courts in their communities.

8. Engage in a friendly way with the supporters of Extinction Rebellion, Transition Towns and other supposedly ‘green’ campaigning groups who have been deliberately misled by the deep state. The common ground to use to bring us all together is the extremely dangerous roll-out of 5G. Once they understand that they have mistakenly jumped into bed with bankers and big business, they will soon want to return to the fold by practising and promoting the real values of ecology. Also, begin a dialogue with local farmers about what’s planned for small family-owned farms under the Great Reset and the Green New Deal (if you can, print off this HARE flyer and give it to them to read).

9. As has already been pointed out, we must always have fun with lots of friendly banter and humour. Fear is their weapon, laughter must be ours. On behalf of HARE and all our different campaigning groups, good luck to everyone and enjoy yourselves!

10. Please visit regularly the following websites to keep yourselves updated on what’s happening within our broad, fast-growing and all-encompassing movement: The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE), Sandi Adams, British Constitution Group, New Chartist Movement, Farms Not Factories, Save Our Rights, Jason Liosatos, Action4Justice, Sacha Stone, Common Law Court,, Lou Collins, InfoWars, Awakening Nation, Michael O’Bernicia and the World Doctors Alliance.

If you need leaflets and other campaigning resources to give out to your local community, the Campaign Resources website is worth visiting.

David Icke’s website is a ‘must’ to visit every day as it is a treasure trove of information. Here you will see videos and articles from all over the world, updated daily, which fearlessly expose the Great Reset and the machinations of the deep state. David now does a weekly ‘David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast’ with his son, Gareth, which makes essential viewing.

The UK Column produces three one-hour programmes a week (1 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) where the creeping Great Reset agenda is exposed in absolute detail. These are extremely informative and thought-provoking and you should always make sure you find time to watch them. Well researched articles and videos are also put up.

The Word newspaper is a left-leaning tabloid newspaper (online and soon to be printed) which is a cooperative of radicals who are highly critical of Starmer, the Labour Party and conventional politics in general. They believe in an editorial ‘open house’ and will happily accept articles written by people opposed to the Great Reset and the fake green agenda. If you have something to say, please get writing—articles should aim to be no more than 500 words.

The Light is a printed ‘Truthpaper’ that is fully on board with campaigning against every aspect of the Great Reset and the deep state. Please get involved by distributing these excellent newspapers within your community. An essential grassroots campaigning tool to wake people up with.

Check the Evidence offers evidence on a variety of ‘truth and freedom’ related topics.