The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE)

‘Holistic in outlook, pragmatic in action’



The situation we all find ourselves in is now becoming extremely serious.

  • We have a quite deliberate DNA genetically-manipulating so-called ‘vaccine’ programme being rolled out on to an unsuspecting general public, sometimes with fatal results. 
  • We have our government and rogue elements of our armed services carrying out an immense propaganda attack on the British people using applied behavioural psychology.
  • We have our police out of control, regularly committing acts of violence against innocent law-abiding people whilst unlawfully attempting to enforce draconian rules and regulations. 
  • We have academics, doctors and scientists who prefer to pursue and participate in bad and harmful science for corporate and/or personal financial gain.
  • We have the roll-out of the dangerous and invasive technologies required, such as 5G, to create the high-tech SMART towns and cities that will monitor and control the lives of people 24/7 in their homes, streets and workplaces.
  • We have the mainstream media and ‘giant tech’ social media deliberately censoring and clamping down on all those academics, scientists and whistle-blowers who are trying to warn the people.
  • We have a Parliament where our elected servants have collectively and wilfully chosen to refuse to question the overwhelming evidence of the mounting global tyranny being assembled.   
  • We have judges and a legal profession that have unlawfully turned their backs on our Common Law, resulting in courts becoming places of business and not justice. 
  • And we have a debt-creating and usury-based central banking and financial system that is criminal to its very core, creating untold misery and deprivation to almost the entire world.

The time has come for a ‘People’s Strategy’ peacefully and effectively to put an end to this future nightmare and to this madness. Plans for this ‘Great Reset’, which will be the catalyst to ensnare the world into accepting a global ‘technocracy’, are well advanced. Your lives and your livelihoods will become totally dependent upon handouts from the heavily controlled State, just as you see today in modern-day China. It is also where eugenics and the science of trans-humanism will be practised, as will ‘humane euthanasia’ as old age is considered to be a burden upon the State.  

Please take some time to read and research this ‘People’s Strategy’ and then to start campaigning in your local community to alert people quickly to what’s happening and to shock them into determined non-compliance and non-violent resistance. We are the 99.9%!

Thank you,

The Hardwick Team




HARE was formed in February 2020 at Hardwick House, Whitchurch-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, with the task of creating a united and purposeful front to expose, challenge and reverse our present deeply oppressive, corrupted and degraded political and economic systems.

Our country’s ancient freedoms are now under threat like never before as corporate megalomaniacs pursue a clear global agenda that’s taking us down a road to a technology-based totalitarian and centralised society, completely at odds with the values of human-scale ecology we all hold dear. Freedom has to prevail over fascism.

To achieve this, HARE is committed to developing a fresh socio-economic model that’s based upon holistic, humanitarian and just practices for the betterment of all humanity.

What we seek to do:

Bring together individuals and groupings of people committed to promoting:

  • The widespread adoption of human-scale, pro-ecological agriculture.
  • Localised renewable energy production along with supporting deliberately suppressed ‘free energy’ technologies.
  • A radically reformed monetary policy that’s centred around harnessing a nation’s natural wealth and creativity thereby removing the need for invasive taxation and the creation of destructive debt via borrowing at interest from the private central banking system.
  • The full restoration of Common Law Justice that protects the socio-economic, humanitarian and spiritual values that form the very foundation of universal fairness, vibrant health and real happiness for Life on Earth.

The Hardwick Alliance prioritises alerting the wider public to the planned ‘deep state’ tyranny that’s centred around the World Economic Forum’s post-pandemic ‘Great Reset’ designed to globally implement the fake ‘zero carbon’ Green New Deal and the United Nations Agenda 2030 (formerly UN Agenda 21).

Current HARE activities include pushing for the complete restoration of Sovereign National Credit to prevent the planned post-pandemic economic collapse; heightened public awareness concerning the dangers of 5G to health; and exposing the deliberate disinformation and deception surrounding the completely contrived Covid-19 crisis.

Our Methodology:

  1. Helping to bring together like-minded people, groups and networks in an alliance that magnifies the overall effectiveness of our collective campaigning.
  2. Voicing our very real concerns in a thoughtful and well-researched manner.
  3. Promoting proven solutions that will completely reverse the destructive goals of the current embedded political and corporate tyranny.
  4. Establishing working groups that will develop imaginative and effective ways to spread the message into all avenues of society.
  5. Practising responsible civil disobedience when and where it becomes necessary to do so.

Key Areas of Research and Action:

  1. Ecology—to ensure that our food economy is de-corporatised and always aligned with human-scale working practices which enhance biodiversity, ensure clean air and the minimisation of waste and pollution, whilst encouraging organic, local and seasonal food by harnessing best pro-ecological farming practices.
  2. Suppressed science/medicine—to expose the currently suppressed evidence that non-polluting ‘Free Energy’ technologies exist, as do safe non-allopathic cures for cancer and other serious illnesses.
  3. Sovereign National Credit—to reveal and expose the completely corrupt and criminal debt-creating central banking system by restoring the ability of our country to trade in debt-free and interest-free money that’s based solely on the wealth and creativity of our nation.
  4. Common Law—to secure the supremacy of our Common Law with its trusted Trial by Jury and Annulment by Jury system which ensures that the people and not the politicians are ultimately in charge.



The late Professor David Bellamy
The late Professor David Bellamy

HARE’s campaigning is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor David Bellamy, a real green who stuck to the true values of ecology and who refused outright to give in to the ‘bad science’, as he called it, of man-made global warming. For his integrity, he was dismissed by the BBC which, to this day, pursues a ‘climate emergency’ agenda that banishes any questioning of this completely bogus science that’s been put together by those corporate and banking megalomaniacs who seek to impose a global technocracy and an Orwellian future for all of us. Climate change is natural and has been happening for millions of years and CO2 is the gas of life – we need more not less! Truth and real ecology must prevail! We salute the good professor who was a true Friend of the Earth!



In the following video, Vandana Shiva articulates a sublime vision of unity, equality and ecological balance that is the very essence of the Hardwick Alliance view and the very antithesis of the power elite’s megalomaniacal ‘divide and rule’ strategy.