The People vs the Globalists

An image of a tree divided vertically between green branches and leaves of freedom and the dead branches and leaves of slavery

A new grassroots freedom movement is emerging in Britain, just as it is globally. We don’t want our country to be in permanent lockdown. We don’t want ‘the State’ monitoring and directing our lives 24/7 using cutting edge surveillance and AI technologies as it does in
Communist China. We don’t want an Orwellian future where we lose all of our ancient freedoms as a tiny number of globalist psychopaths assemble a ‘technocracy’ that will directly control every aspect of our lives.

And we don’t like being lied to about the need for a ‘Net Zero’ economy to ‘Save the Planet’ when the climate is changing naturally as it has done for millions of years. CO₂, which accounts for only 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere, is actually the ‘Gas of Life’… we need more, not less!

Enough is enough! We, the people, are the 99.999% and we’re just not having it! We are not going to be ‘digital slaves’ for the corporate elite who meet at Davos every year. Let’s stop this madness right now!

Using the links below, do your own research and then either join an existing ‘freedom group’ or start one off in your local community. By mobilising our ancient Common Law Constitution, a peaceful, linear and lawful drive of massive non-compliance to ‘the system’ is the only way for this war on humanity to be ended! And end it we shall!