Who we are

The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) was borne in February 2020 at a gathering at Hardwick House on the Hardwick Estate in South Oxfordshire. Hardwick’s owner, Sir Julian Rose, is a pioneer organic farmer who twice led UK dairy farmers to victory against government attempts to ban unpasteurised milk sales (1989/1997).

Justin Walker, co-founder of The New Chartist Movement (the campaigning wing of the British Constitution Group) and a keen political ecologist, participated in this event and suggested a working collaboration that would counteract the current abuses of the democratic process by upholding the practice and virtues of Common Law; putting an end to the private debt-creating central banking system; and promoting real ecology in place of the current corporatised, fear-based and lie-ridden ‘green’ version being promoted by the corporate globalists’ through their so-called ‘Green New Deal’.

This collaboration has since borne fruit, with a growing group of committed activists now joining together under the HARE banner to share skills and perceptions in counteracting the 5G roll-out and the Covid-19 multi-impositions, whilst at the same time undertaking research and activism towards the establishment of a new and genuinely Green Society that embraces a spirit-led vision of truth, justice and freedom.