The People’s Strategy—Chapter 4



Parliament has fallen!  Exposing the real power base that’s driving our pathetic and completely controlled politicians of all political parties

As people continue to wake up in increasing numbers to the simple fact that there is something very wrong indeed with the narrative coming out of the mouths of our elected servants in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, there is now just one question that is being increasingly asked, especially as this Great Reset to Build Back Better looms into view and starts to enter the public’s consciousness: just how on earth have we allowed the entire world to be enslaved by greed, madness and this uncontrolled pursuit of global power by a truly tiny number of very sick, deluded and, it has to be said, quite evil people?

Sadly, this question is very simple to answer! All of us are to blame! As a nation, we are drowning in a sea of complete ignorance, laziness and apathy and this has allowed the unelected, unaccountable and corporate deep state to manoeuvre into a position, discreetly and unchallenged, whereby it now completely controls the decision-making processes of this supposedly sovereign and free country.

We are currently a nation that just can’t be bothered to understand and utilise our ancient Trial-by-Jury and Annulment-by-Jury Common Law Constitution and the incredible protection it gives us from the whims of ambitious politicians or generals. With its God-given and inalienable rights, as confirmed by the Great Charter (Magna Carta) of 1215, this Common Law shield exists to safeguard us all from any form of imposed tyranny by the state. But sadly, most people have absolutely no idea at all as to how it works, and, as a result of our collective stupidity, there is now a corporate and alien ‘legal’ replacement system of ‘justice’ in place that results in politically approved judges oppressing and deceiving the British people by arriving at system-supporting ‘verdicts’ where Juries of randomly selected people have absolutely no part to play.

But how has this madness been allowed to happen? Well, we are now a nation that is happy to be deliberately distracted and enmeshed into a deep state owned and controlled popular culture that feeds and numbs our brains with what amounts to meaningless drivel and dross! We also spend our lives being exhausted and repressed as corporate slaves to a financial and economic system that has put almost the entire human race onto a treadmill of mass mindless production to meet and feed mass mindless consumerism. A system that leaves half of the world in abject poverty and our planetary home polluted and in dire need of ‘real green’ policies that boost bio-diversity and ecological balance.

For such an insane and exploitative economic system to be allowed to exist, it will come as no surprise to anyone that there is an appalling amount of ignorance and apathy out there in the public arena about the subject matters of money creation and central banking and how this whole financial system of unlawful enslavement and control has been allowed to come into existence virtually unchallenged.

Unfortunately, we haven’t got the room here for a more detailed analysis of our collective failings and what is now happening to our country and the world as a whole. If people want to take themselves down that proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ and immerse themselves with the detailed and indisputable evidence that’s available, then you can’t do much better than visiting, which is updated on a daily basis with new information on what’s happening.

Over the years, there have been dozens, if not hundreds of excellent researchers who have attempted, with varying degrees of success, to uncover and unmask what is actually going on—some, like the comedian and social commentator George Carlin, are sadly no longer with us. But one individual stands out today like no other.

David Icke, who has had over thirty years of being at the forefront of this research, started out being laughed at in the street. Today, he is being listened to by literally millions of people worldwide as they realise that everything he was saying and predicting all those years back is now becoming truer and more relevant by the day. His weekly warnings of a creeping ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ are finally being listened to and are, at last, gaining traction in the public’s consciousness. The nightmare scenario he envisaged three decades ago is now becoming an immediate reality. However, the good news is that it can all be stopped in a jiffy if we just get our act together quickly!

Laughed at thirty years ago… not laughed at now!

All we have to do is arm ourselves with the completely proven, but deliberately suppressed, evidence-based solutions that are needed to peacefully expose and collapse this house of cards that makes up this sick mindset that is so determined to do us all harm! One solution, in particular, would do the job on its own.  It is, without doubt, the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ and has already been briefly alluded to. The simple truth is that the human race can immediately and peacefully take down the entire deep state infrastructure and the evil cabal/cult that’s behind the planned Great Reset. The information for this is in PART FIVE.

But for the remaining part of this section, we now have to ask these three obvious questions: How have we allowed this nightmare to develop? What is the actual make-up of this criminal deep state mindset; and how does it operate? And what are these suppressed and evidence-based solutions that can put us, the ordinary people, firmly back in control of our lives and destiny?

The first of these questions we have already partially answered—we have to overcome our collective ignorance, apathy and laziness in order to protect our essential freedoms. It can be argued that a nation that cannot be bothered to lift a finger to protect its freedoms, deserves to lose them. But there is one other aspect to our collective acceptance of this criminal and burgeoning corporate nightmare that needs to be addressed, particularly by those who have allowed themselves to be completely seduced by the promise of a political career with all the accompanying and ego-boosting perks that you associate with the nefarious actions of our political class—remember the MPs’ Expenses Scandal?

Now, simple logic tells us that a heavily outnumbered and hidden opponent to our democratic way of life, who is absolutely determined to seize control of our entire decision-making process whilst being able to pursue future plots and agendas unchallenged and unrecognised, needs to fall back on that age-old stratagem of ‘divide and rule’ to set up a myriad of problems and distractions to keep everyone busy and looking the wrong way. And that is exactly why the political party system in this country is so useful to this powerful and hidden mindset. On the surface, it would appear to be democracy in action with people having a very real choice at the ballot box between differing schools of thought. However, the opposite is unfortunately true as the deep state has carefully manoeuvred itself into a position whereby it can influence and affect the decision-making in all of the parties represented in Parliament!

This has been achieved because every party practises a hierarchical pyramid structure of leadership that sees ambitious, ego-driven and, more often than not, ‘chosen’ leaders emerging into positions where they can influence the membership into supporting policies that really only advance the hidden machinations of the higher echelons within the corporate and financial world. In other words, all of us today are living lives that are not allowed to reach their full potential because our decision-makers have been totally corrupted!

To give a perfect illustration of this, the UK Ecology Party (later changing its name to the Green Party) started off in the late seventies and eighties with the steadfast aspiration of being a linear, leaderless ‘anti-party party’ because the membership then was completely disillusioned with the greed and vested-interests of the major political parties and their unhealthy relationship with big business. The party set out with very real values (in fact, the first ever environmental party in the world, in New Zealand, started out by being called the Values Party) but soon there was a gradual change when those values started to become devalued! From 1990 onwards, the members were cajoled and persuaded to gradually surrender their early ideals and values to become the hierarchical and conventional party it is today with its leadership now doing the bidding of the deep state by playing their full part to welcome in the Great Reset.

Sadly, today, we are witnessing the collapse of social cohesion, prosperity and mental health as deliberate and quite harmful nonsense is allowed to be rolled out by the state to supposedly defeat something that is clearly of no real threat to humanity but which has been created and deliberately pumped up to scare the hell out of people to the point they are willing to surrender their common sense, inalienable and God-given sovereignty and rights to this evil cabal of corporate megalomaniacs. As part of this fearmongering, we are starting to see those who are politically active at the grassroots, lashing out blindly to seek solutions to what’s going on, but they are armed only with their unfortunate ignorance and lack of awareness about what is really happening and who is really behind it all.

These grassroots party hacks mean well and are generally just good people who only want to help in a practical way those who are suffering social deprivation and injustice in their local communities. They see the appalling damage that’s been caused by these unlawful lockdowns on a daily basis, not to mention the results of having a completely unfair and unjust economic system. And they are becoming increasingly more and more frustrated by the performances of their party colleagues in Westminster and elsewhere. This discontent mainly applies to the Labour Party now led by Sir Keir Starmer, someone who is clearly a ‘useful idiot’ and apologist for these corporate megalomaniacs and who seems incapable of having any sort of empathy with the huge numbers of grassroots ‘Corbynistas’ who still support and miss the former populist leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

However, what these party members and activists must be made to realise is that it doesn’t matter which party is in power, the leadership of that party knows full well what is really happening and what is expected of them by the shadowy deep state. You can hear this when some of them keep uttering the Great Reset’s key phrase ‘Build Back Better’!  Sadly, these grassroots activists are largely ignorant of the murky and secretive world of international think tanks, which are the recruiting ground for those ambitious and self-serving politicians who have been selected by the deep state to pursue its hidden global agenda in Parliament and elsewhere.

Just how many of these well-meaning political activists at the grassroots know anything about what goes on inside the secretive Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House), the Club of Rome, the Pilgrim Society, or the Ditchley Foundation to name but just a few? These are elitist organisations where corrupted very senior and experienced politicians, along with young, ambitious and impressionable up-and-coming politicians, are invited to mingle with the unelected and unaccountable corporate ‘movers and shakers’ from banking, business and the media, in order to receive their instructions or confirmation of their promotion to greater things.

These supposed elected servants of the people—our MPs—find themselves entering into a realm of invisible governance about which the electorate knows virtually nothing. The participants are all sworn to secrecy about who discusses what with ‘Chatham House Rules’ taking precedence at all times. And these ‘servants’ of the people see absolutely nothing wrong with talking in secret to some of the most powerful people in the world without being answerable to the people who elected them. It shows just how easy it is for the ‘one percent’ to corrupt and control the entire world!

And here’s a surprise—returning to the current shenanigans inside the Labour Party, from a membership list dated April 2018, Sir Keir Starmer is clearly seen as being a member of the European Group of the Trilateral Commission that was set up by the late David Rockefeller, a man who used his great wealth to assemble so much of this hidden tier of global governance that’s now preparing to launch the Great Reset. These ‘Trilaterists’ discuss extremely weighty matters in complete secrecy. So, you can quite understand now why this ambitious and well-connected politician is not trusted by so many in the party he now leads. Indeed, many are threatening to leave, or have left, the Labour Party to set up new left and socialist political parties in order to frustrate Starmer’s bid to get his hands on the keys to Number Ten.

For those of us who have spent decades researching the ‘big picture’ and who have talked to whistle-blowers and other insiders, including some at quite a high level, we know that the deep state will just laugh at the prospect of yet more parties arriving onto the political stage that will merely encourage further division and distraction from what really needs to be done.  In fact, they will probably do what they can discreetly to encourage this short-sighted and completely flawed strategy. All you will see are some new egotistical ‘leaders’ who believe they have the answers, whilst actually knowing virtually nothing about what’s really going on.  Although we can understand this natural inclination to seek democratic approval and confirmation at the ballot box, the last thing we need today, with tyranny emerging at an ever-increasing rate, is yet more division, ignorance and delay in coming together under a common banner of unity and purpose to defeat this threat to all of humanity!

And if we are to defeat this Great Reset and this orchestrated push by criminal and corporate psychopaths, we must become a mass movement very quickly. This means that the completely contrived political spectrum of Labour versus Conservatives versus Liberals versus Nationalists versus Greens has got to go in its entirety!  First and foremost, we are all human beings who simply aspire to enjoy freedom, justice and prosperity in a peaceful and ecologically stable world. We are also the proverbial 99%! So, as an absolute priority, we must cancel out their strategy of divide and rule by simply coming together unconditionally to get the job done!

So, we now come to answering the questions as to who or what this mindset is that’s behind this planned Great Reset, and how they conduct and organise themselves? To the bulk of the British people who have been programmed by the deep state’s owned and/or controlled mainstream media (especially the BBC), for someone to suggest that there is a well organised tier of hidden governance above our elected servants in Parliament, which is actually capable of influencing and dictating strategy and legislation, means that someone is simply a naïve and gullible conspiracy theorist.

This elitist and controlling mindset, in one form or another, has been around for an awfully long time—for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, the evidence for all of that is not for now but comes as part of future research once the proverbial penny has dropped that we’re all being scammed and deceived on a truly massive scale. What we are concerned about here is how quickly things have developed in the 21st Century that now leaves us with a frightened world on the edge of accepting the Great Reset and a future that George Orwell did his best to warn us about.

On September 11th 2001, the world was suddenly surprised and taken completely unaware when it was forced to witness the violent destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City and an attack on the Pentagon, with the loss of over 2,000 lives. However, to a tiny number of people it most certainly wasn’t a surprise—they were expecting it, including David Icke and some other well-informed researchers. They understood the modus operandi of this elitist and arrogant mindset and how it is always prone to using another age-old stratagem… that of ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’.

Put very simply, if you want a mass of people to agree to do something that would normally seem outlandish to them, you first trigger an enormous ‘problem’ which then elicits the obvious ‘reaction’ by people that something must be immediately done to address this ‘problem’, which then triggers an already positioned ‘solution’ that the people would never have agreed to had that ‘problem’ not existed in the first place. Ingeniously simple!

After nearly twenty years of detailed examination and analysis by tens of thousands of budding Sherlock Holmeses, the situation we find ourselves in today is that you have to be a conspiracy theorist if you actually believe the official narrative of what happened on that fateful day. There are quite literally dozens of real problems with what we’ve been told was the truth. But what happened next cannot be questioned.

The world became traumatised by supposed ‘Muslim terrorists’; a global ‘War on Terror’ was declared; and millions of completely innocent men, women and children were either killed, injured or displaced. And some ‘rogue’ nations, especially when it came to their stubborn rejection of the privately controlled and debt-creating central banking system, found themselves with forced and violent regime changes that brought for them a new future that involved the ‘care’ and ‘attention’ of the private central bankers.

However, what really happened was that a fearful world became completely submissive to the draconian legislation that was immediately positioned by our decision makers in order to ‘protect’ us, the ordinary people, from any more of these ‘false flag’ terrorist outrages. But more did happen which then successfully stoked up the flames of more fear and sheep-like compliance to these extremely harsh and severe ‘protection’ measures which are still largely in place today. Think about that as people meekly comply to ‘vaccination passports’ and other restrictive procedures to fight this fake pandemic!

To understand fully the events of 9/11, you must have a completely open mind as to the actual physical evidence seen on that dreadful day. Groups of professional people have spent years analysing in detail the evidence and one group, in particular, shines out as having very real gravitas. The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, with well over three thousand professional architects and engineers supporting them, just cannot be ignored and their evidence for what happened to World Trade Center Building 7 is now the smoking gun that completely exposes the whole official 9/11 narrative as being a lie… and the implications for this are truly enormous.

However, there is one maverick researcher who should also be listened to. How many of us know about Hurricane Erin? And why was the debris field of the Twin Towers so ridiculously small? This cutting-edge scientist has provided a thought-provoking thesis that some sort of suppressed ‘free energy’ technology was used as an ‘energy weapon’ to destroy the Twin Towers. Although we accept that Dr Judy Wood is a controversial figure to other 9/11 researchers, we believe that she should be allowed to put her case and would urge everyone to at least look at this series of videos.

If what she postulates, is correct, then this would show an incredible and positive vision for the future of humanity. But it would also give huge credence to those who believe that suppressed technologies are being used by the deep state to bring about human-created weather modification or geoengineering in order to create the extreme weather events needed to convince people that ‘climate change’ is real and that the Green New Deal on the table must be accepted without question. As a general rule of thumb used by most researchers, it is generally accepted that the deep state has technologies available to them which are probably around thirty years ahead of anything that’s publicly available in the market place.

And this brings us nicely onto the next big ‘global problem’ to shape and influence the psyche of the world in the 21st Century. The creation of the ‘science’ behind Man-made or Anthropogenic Global Warming can be traced back as far as the 1970s. However, it was only in the last ten years or so that this completely contrived fear of the planet burning up has been noticeably intensified so as to frighten a sizeable part of humanity—particularly young and impressionable school children—into embracing an unthinking, unscientific and completely misguided zeal for totally clamping down on all CO2 emissions and the ending altogether of the use of all fossil fuels.

Initially, this deep state and hidden ‘climate cult’ agenda was led by former US Vice-President, Al Gore. In 2006, he created a deliberately alarmist ‘information’ film entitled An Inconvenient Truth that ‘scientifically proved’ to the world that we were all in dire danger. For his efforts, he won an Oscar from Hollywood’s ‘great and good’—the same Hollywood that’s owned and controlled by this deep state and elitist mind-set… so, no surprise there then! However, soon afterwards, Al Gore was exposed for making a fortune out of ‘Carbon Trading’ and for his blatant hypocrisy.

Then we had the scandal of the infamous ‘Hockey stick’ graph created by Dr Michael Mann and promoted by the University of East Anglia which proves, yet again, that there are plenty of bought and rogue academics who are creating and shaping fake and false narratives for the world to be panicked and alarmed by. There now needs to be a thorough and urgent examination of who and what is funding ‘research’ inside Britain’s universities and, most importantly of all, what is their real motive for doing so?

When it comes to weather and the climate, the truth is remarkably simple—the Earth’s weather patterns are indeed changing. However, before we all start to turn our lives upside down in panic, these changes have been going on for millions of years. They are completely natural, continuous, and ongoing… ask any self-respecting geo-archaeologist.

The crucial fact is this. CO2 is not the devil incarnate! It is, in fact, the gas of life. Simple common sense and good science tells us that CO2 is essential to plants as food which, in turn, give us the oxygen needed for all the living creatures on Earth to breath. We actually need more CO2, not less! An excellent website to visit regularly is run by Piers Corbyn, the elder brother of Jeremy Corbyn, who, as an astrophysicist and renowned meteorologist, knows that we are all being fed nothing but lies and deception.

Unfortunately, for this completely bogus scientific narrative, the climate itself, as Piers and others have repeatedly shown, refuses stubbornly to go along with the rise in temperatures needed to confirm this Man-made Global Warming theory. So, not to be beaten, the criminal mind-set behind it all has morphed this so-called human-caused warming problem into ‘Climate Change’, a convenient catch-all term to link any extreme weather events as proof of their bogus and completely made up CO2 global warming theory.

However, real scientists with integrity, who are not dependent upon ‘big business’ and agenda-driven ‘charitable’ trusts to finance their research, are refusing to lie down and surrender. They understand completely that the climate is consistently changing through natural cycles. They know exactly what is going on and how a completely fake narrative is being built up using bogus statistics and ‘bad science’… a phrase often used by the late and sorely missed Professor David Bellamy to describe this Man-made Global Warming theory. And these scientists also fully comprehend that this is all about a deliberate and strategic push to frighten the world into meekly accepting the bogus Green New Deal which, in turn, then complements UN Agenda 2030 and, most significantly of all, heralds the coming of the pre-planned and totalitarian ‘Build-Back-Better’ Great Reset.

As part of this massive deception agenda, it is interesting to note that Professor David Bellamy was effectively sacked by the BBC from 2004 onwards because he steadfastly refused to parrot and thereby publicly support this ‘bad science’, unlike his other high-profile and so-called ‘green’ BBC colleague, Sir David Attenborough who, it must be remembered, was trained as a broadcaster and not as a highly qualified scientist.

The late and sorely missed Professor David Bellamy—a quite wonderful man and a Real Green who spoke the truth!

The central driving force behind this global scam to deceive the peoples of the world is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is not a body of scientists, as they would like you to believe, but a political body with a pre-arranged agenda to frighten a largely ignorant world into accepting an authoritarian ‘green’ future and a ‘zero carbon’ economy that the UN continues to falsely claim will ‘save the Earth’. The evidence is now overwhelming that this fake narrative has been put together by an unhealthy alliance of big business, bankers and ambitious self-serving green politicians. This detailed study by the late Christopher Booker is an excellent read for those wishing to know more about how this chicanery came about and why it was allowed to happen.

To give a perfect example of this fake greenery, let’s have a quick look at one of the original ‘political ecologists’ that emerged onto the scene in the early 1980s. Sir Jonathon Porritt, who effectively led and influenced the Ecology Party in its formative years, attended the 1999 Bilderberg Group meeting in Sintra, Portugal, in his role as the Programme Director and Co-founder of Forum for the Future. Here, he found himself privately rubbing shoulders with the likes of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. However, upon his return, he refused point blank to reveal to his fellow green colleagues anything about what was discussed at this very high level and influential meeting—so much for the claim that ‘openness’ and ‘transparency’ are key hallmarks of the green movement!

Whilst not enjoying the high media profile he once had, Jonathon has opted for a more ‘behind the scenes’ role of influencing and lobbying the corporate world into enthusiastically accepting a zero carbon ‘sustainable future’ for the human race. His Forum for the Future has a very low public profile and yet it is able to employ around seventy people. In 2019, it had a total income of nearly six million pounds! At first glance, a lot of what this Forum campaigns for appears to be very laudable. However, it is all based on deeply flawed science and exists purely to promote a completely contrived deep state ‘green’ narrative that will take us directly to this Great Reset and, ultimately, green fascism.

And this brings us right up to date with the high-profile politician Caroline Lucas MP. She was initially elected to sit in the European Parliament. Then she became the first ever Green MP to win a seat in Westminster whilst becoming the first ever elected ‘leader’ of the Green Party for England and Wales. However, despite being in the House of Commons since 2010 and gaining a reputation for being a ‘progressive’ champion of the people, she has unfortunately turned down repeated requests to publicly expose the machinations of this hidden deep state. She appears completely unconcerned that the human race is moving inexorably towards a zero carbon and fake green future whereby an elitist and undemocratic ‘technocracy’ is created to govern every aspect of our lives in a completely authoritarian way.

Using her privileged status as an MP, she declined to publicly question the official narrative of what happened on 9/11.  Sadly, the same applies to any serious questioning about the unlawful control that the private central banking system has over the world. She is also an ardent and unapologetic supporter of the deep state-created European Union.  And she has shown very little enthusiasm for the incredible power that the Common Law has for protecting people from corporate injustice. Instead, she prefers to rely on the usual rhetoric that all empty politicians engage in by just offering ‘hope’ and ‘change’ to everyone in a reassuring, plausible and, in her particular case, ‘progressive’ manner! Apparently, Caroline herself is now ready to ‘Reset’ for the Great Reset.

Very sadly, there is no other way to write this. Caroline has been a huge disappointment to those of us who were elated by her election to Parliament but who also recognise that we have this hidden and manipulative deep state that needs urgently exposing for the good of all of humanity. For some reason, she just refuses point blank to go anywhere near where the clear evidence takes you.

Caroline Lucas MP—a ‘progressive’ who appears happy to be progressing us all towards a very dark Orwellian future. Does she realise what she’s doing?

Unfortunately, the current co-leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales, Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry, are not much better and share a similar dislike to go anywhere near where the fundamental truth lies. They definitely won’t say or do anything that exposes the existence of this deep state and its planned Great Reset.  However, at the 2019 Autumn Green Party Conference, held at Newport in South Wales, there was a backlash to this apparent inability to tackle this gathering storm of green fascism.

Outside the conference venue, there was a demonstration by some party members because the Green Party’s collective leadership had refused to allow the unsafe and harmful roll-out of 5G to be debated on the conference floor. This extremely dangerous and highly invasive surveillance technology is actually an integral part of this Great Reset—it is this technology that enables the ‘Internet of Things’ to be used to control us all, 24/7, in our homes, on our streets and in our workplaces. Are we to believe that Caroline and her ilk don’t know this?

Real Greens outside the Fake Greens’ Conference.

The conclusion would appear to be this! The Green Party, in its present format, has allowed its soul to be handed over to the criminal bankers and to the corporate globalists… sadly, the party is no longer a force for good or for the truth! The hoodwinked membership needs to wake up fast… and to act! It needs to restore those original values the Ecology Party once had!

So, let’s return back to the bamboozling of the world over ‘climate change’ and to the Green New Deal that has so captivated all of our political parties in Parliament to the point that it is now considered to be heresy if you dare utter any words critical of this great ‘zero carbon’ plan that has been dreamt up by the central bankers and the corporate megalomaniacs to save (imprison) the world and the whole of humanity.

For those of us who have seen behind the ‘green mask’, we know that a lot of really good people have been completely deceived by what’s now happening. Perhaps the saddest sight is how Greta Thunberg, a vulnerable young human being with autism, was put up onto the global stage in a deliberate and completely contrived way by the deep state. Her theatrical outbursts, through no fault of her own, are embarrassing to watch—her handlers, including her father, should be utterly ashamed of themselves! And there would also appear to be clear links to the highest level of the deep state with connections to the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros.

Along with Greta Thunberg, we have also witnessed the sudden appearance from nowhere of the well-funded and well-resourced ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement. With access to the mainstream media seemingly whenever it wants; having the ability to close down busy city streets with only the minimal intervention from the police; and being allowed to target young impressionable schoolchildren virtually unchallenged, you really can’t help but get the feeling that this ‘grassroots’ initiative was ‘allowed from above’ to carry out its public acts of disruption to influence public opinion. Luckily, because of some over-zealous and tactically unwise stunts, this has now largely backfired.

But, the fact remains that a lot of thoroughly decent people, all of them searching for the truth and looking for real answers that will help repair the planet, have been caught up in this array of deep state propaganda and deliberate deception that ultimately hide the truth that a completely fake Green New Deal has been constructed to complement this coming ‘Great Reset’. In other words, green fascism is now on the horizon and a huge number of thoroughly decent people are giving their voice to it. They have been well and truly deceived!

When you look at these fake greens and what they actually believe in, something comes across very quickly. They really don’t like their fellow human-beings!

Unfortunately, within the broader green movement, there has always been an undercurrent of support for the controversial teachings of that Victorian cleric and economist, Thomas Malthus. His central belief was simple, eugenics. He postulated that population growth will always tend to outrun and outstrip food production and other essential resources and that the advancement of humanity is best served by severely restricting reproduction. In other words, as far as these deep state-backed fake greens are concerned, there are just too many people in the world and something must be done about it!

Thomas Malthus 1766–1834

Mentor of the Deep State and the Fake Greens

Confirmation of this deeply disturbing viewpoint, that’s now held by these fake greens, can be found on a website entitled Population Matters. The Patron of this campaign is none other than Sir David Attenborough—a man who clearly thinks that there are just too many of us human beings around and that something drastic has got to be done. Here’s his welcome to people looking at this website…

All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder—and ultimately impossible—to solve with ever more people.

And who is the President of this charming little group of budding eugenicists? Well, it’s our old friend Sir Jonathon Porritt himself, the man who likes to rub shoulders with the likes of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger but who then keeps very quiet about his high-level meetings and intrigues for a ‘sustainable future’ for us all. Clearly, despite not enjoying such a high public profile these days, he still has some influence and is still on a mission… no doubt the one probably given to him by his Bilderberg friends back in 1999!


In their eyes, there are just too many of us—some of us are going to have to go! Thank goodness, we’ve got the Great Reset and the Green New Deal to look forward to, to start this much-needed depopulation process to keep these kind and caring eugenicists happy!

Well, let’s now put this well-worn over-population fallacy to bed once and for all. Let’s get the numbers of human beings into actual perspective. The world’s population is currently 7.9 billion people. If every human being had a quarter of an acre to live on (that’s the equivalent to four tennis courts, which is more than adequate to grow enough food in an organic and bio-supportable way) the total landmass needed would be almost two billion acres. Or, to put it in another way, the entire population of the world, each with that quarter of an acre to live on, would fit easily within the current bounds of Brazil, which has 2,065,340,800 acres!

We are not, repeat not, physically living in an overcrowded world, especially if that world is allowed to harness the deep state’s hidden and deliberately suppressed technologies such as Nikola Tesla’s wireless transfer of electricity that would give everyone access to ‘free energy’ which would completely transform everyone’s lives for the better whilst giving increasing protection to the planet itself from the current mindless, ruthless and greed-based exploitation of its resources. And, when thinking about the rest of the world’s land-mass area, it is reassuring to know that the technologies and know-how do actually exist to green the world’s deserts into becoming rich fertile areas of major organic food production—and we have extremely good cases of this by studying, for example, what the Israelis have done over the past seventy years to parts of their seemingly barren land.

However, all those teeming, super-sized cities that exist, such as New Delhi, Sao Paolo, Jakarta, Shanghai and Tokyo, can give the impression that we do indeed live in an over-populated world. But these cities only exist because we have a debt-creating and vampire-like global economic and central banking system that causes enormous imbalance in the world by sucking out huge amounts of wealth from the ordinary people whilst creating appalling destruction and loss of bio-diversity in our natural world. And it’s quite clear, when you analyse the work of people like Bill Gates, that they would appear to have planned a global depopulation strategy which this ‘Great Reset’ is very much a part of. What a nice bunch of people our genuine but erroneous green friends have jumped into bed with!

But before we start to crow too much, maybe we should look at ourselves and what nearly all of us are accepting without challenging! When it comes to the machinations of this deep state mindset and their plans for us, it is apparent that the Greens are not the only ones who have been well and truly deceived. To put it bluntly… we all have!

Unfortunately, our politicians in Parliament know this only too well but they are either too complicit with the deep state or too cowardly to do anything about it.

What are we talking about here? We are talking about ‘legal fictions’ and how all of our lives, unknown by us, have been unlawfully ‘corporatised’ and ‘legalised’ by an alien system of ‘justice’ which is a million miles from the protective shield offered by our Common Law heritage. From birth, when our parents are compelled by fear of a fine to register births with the local registrar, we find, from that moment on, that we have a hidden ‘legal fiction’ attached to us which lives alongside us until our deaths and the issue of a death certificate, again by the local registrar. And hardly anyone knows anything about this. This is the way the hidden corporate world works and how the financial City of London controls all our lives.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland are classed as Common Law countries. Scotland is a mixture of both Common Law and Roman Civil Law. This means that the UK (with the partial exception of Scotland) practise the essentials of Common Law which include, as confirmed by Article 39 of the 1215 Great Charter (Magna Carta), that all trials must involve a randomly selected jury of your peers, who are there to hear the evidence for and against you in a properly convened and conducted Court of Law. However, unknown by all juries today because of the direct duplicity of Parliament and the Judiciary, the essential process of Annulment by Jury is not being practised. Judges today are just not informing juries of this essential Common Law duty they have to perform when trying a case brought before them. A jury must first examine the legislation being used by the prosecution in the case to ensure that it is both fair and just.

If a randomly selected jury believe that the legislation is flawed and not fit for the purpose it was intended, and is not compatible with the good common sense of Common Law, they have the power to annul it there and then by finding the accused not guilty and by calling for that piece of legislation to be struck off the statute books. This way, we, the people, have the final say over ambitious and agenda-driven politicians. However, unfortunately and overwhelmingly, the people just don’t know anything about this! This simple process has been deliberately ‘forgotten’ by the judiciary and the political class and yet it is a cornerstone of our collective freedoms and protection against any unlawful imposition of tyranny.

Just imagine what a randomly selected jury could do today with all the current lockdown nonsense/legislation coming out of Parliament to ‘tackle’ the bogus pandemic. Daily now, we are seeing an increasing number of brave people refusing to submit to tyranny when they are threatened by the ‘authorities’ with outlandish and heavy fines for just keeping their businesses open and their livelihoods safe. Or, for just attempting to live a sane and healthy life by seeking normal human interaction in the knowledge they are fully protected by their most essential of freedoms, the common sense of Common Law.  Please watch this excellent interview between Common Law Court’s John Smith and David Icke.

No one must pay these fines! People must demand, as is their God-given right, to be tried by a randomly selected jury of their peers so that not only the truth about what is happening may come out, but all of this rushed through, unlawful and tyranny-forming ‘legislation’ can be lawfully annulled and struck off from the statute books! We must never, ever acquiesce to what the deep state has planned for us. If you stand under the Common Law peacefully but determinedly, ‘they’ cannot impede on your most basic of freedoms unless they just ‘lose it’ and resort to plain old physical violence. And, of course, when they do this, public opinion will be increasingly turned against them… and they know this, because we are the 99%!

The other essentials of Common Law include the presumption of innocence—that you must be considered innocent before being found guilty by a jury of your randomly selected peers and that you are entitled to the rights of habeas corpus which exist to avoid unlawful imprisonment and to see that you have the right to a fair and prompt trial.  This is the direct opposite to Roman civil law where you are deemed guilty before being proved innocent and you come before a politically appointed ‘judge’ rather than a jury of your randomly selected peers. And you do not necessarily have the reassurance of habeas corpus.

Unfortunately, it is this Roman civil law (also known as Admiralty law, Maritime law and corporate or commercial law) that has invaded our shores and has gone largely unnoticed by an ignorant and apathetic public which has been deliberately distracted and deceived in equal measure!

Working with this ‘legal fiction’ that has been deliberately and dishonestly hoisted upon us all, we see our lives enmeshed in the vagaries and vested interests of Roman civil law as the corporate world unlawfully and treasonously gains complete control and ascendancy over our ancient rights and freedoms that exist under the Common Law, the Law of the Land.

If you want actual proof of this, go to the website of Dun & Bradstreet and feed into their ‘Company Search’ any political and other bodies that oversee the supposed governance of our country—you will find, more often than not, that many are classed as corporations. For example, feed in ‘House of Commons’, the ‘Labour Party’, the ‘Green Party’, the ‘Conservative Party’, the ‘Liberal Democrats, and the ‘Scottish National Party’ and you will see that they have all been corporatised. As have our county, family and magistrates’ courts which, under Roman civil law, have effectively become a ‘judge-led place of business’ without juries, where ‘legal fictions’ seek to resolve their corporate affairs and differences with one side knowing absolutely nothing about what is happening to them, believing instead that they are attending a Common Law court to see justice done. When publicly challenged by those ‘in the know’ in these corporate civil law courts about their oaths to uphold the Law of the Land (the Common Law), it has been known for judges and magistrates to flee their own courts rather than face the truth about what they’re really doing.

Another side to this invasion by an alien legal system of corporate ‘justice’ is the imposition of unfathomable ‘legalese’ that is only really understood by trained lawyers. Even the police use this legal parlance without fully realising what they’re doing… when you are asked by a policeman if you ‘understand’, what he is actually saying, using legalese, do you agree to ‘stand under’ Roman/Maritime/Commercial civil law and thereby surrender to the will of the City of London whilst at the same time discarding your ancient and God-given right to enjoy the fair and just protection of the Common Law, the true Law of the Land.

It is no accident that the four ‘Inns of Court’ that represent our barristers in England and Wales, and the Law Society that represents our solicitors, all have close connections with the deep state-controlled City of London. And the same applies to our politicians in Parliament, courtesy of a gentleman with the ancient title of ‘City Remembrancer’. Not heard of him? If you haven’t, you are about to in PART FIVE as we finally expose the proverbial elephant in the room that not only gives actual proof of the existence of the hidden deep state and the unlawful control it has over all of us, but which clearly shows that Parliament in Britain has actually fallen! The political class no longer—if it ever did—represents the people of this country in any sort of meaningful way.

And finally, to conclude this section on political skulduggery and gross deception, please read this excellent article written by Sir Julian Rose, the co-founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology. Julian has been a pioneering organic farmer since the seventies and is, without doubt, a Real Green. He has written a number of books and his latest, Overcoming the Robotic Mind—Why Humanity Must Come Through, is particularly apt with what’s going on today.