The People’s Strategy—Chapter 3



Unravelling and attempting to bring common sense to the complex COVID-19 narrative

All rulers in all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers

George Orwell

There is absolutely no question that our country, as with most of the world, has been suffering from respiratory flu-like illnesses that have caused a not inconsiderable number of deaths and that each death is not pleasant to witness and is a personal tragedy to a family and other loved ones.

Under no circumstances do any of us who are trying to understand and research the truth about what is really happening by questioning our government’s narrative and handling of this crisis, wish to trivialise or dismiss the pain that many people are currently experiencing. We also salute those health workers and care workers who selflessly work in extremely difficult conditions in order to help the ill and vulnerable in our society.

With this in mind, it is essential that we all conduct ourselves in a spirit of friendship, understanding and mutual respect as we attempt to unravel the evidence as to what is really happening.

There is now a large body of medical opinion which is completely at odds with the official COVID-19 narrative being put out by the World Health Organisation (WHO), an organisation that is a key player in preparing the narrative needed to trigger the Great Reset.  As we have seen already, the evidence would strongly suggest that our own nation is suffering a carefully prepared and orchestrated psychological attack in order to inflict widespread fear, confusion and submission.

All masked-up and keeping our social-distancing, the unquestioning mass compliance of the British people is extremely sad to see as they submissively and, in some cases, joyously line up ready to be vaccinated with rushed-through, still technically experimental and reportedly dangerous vaccines in order to stop the spread of COVID-19—a strain of Coronavirus that has never actually been scientifically isolated!

Indeed, everything about this ‘identified’ illness or ‘virus’ seems to be being made up on the hoof—it would seem that every symptom known to Man has been linked to COVID-19 whilst, very strangely, it has also been classed by HM Government, as of 19th March 2020, not  to be a ‘high consequence infectious disease’ (HCID). And the RT-PCR test, which its inventor had claimed is not suitable for the purpose it is being used for, seems to be creating nothing but a very large number of ‘false positives’, misleadingly referred to as COVID ‘cases’ or ‘infections’ on the daily news, despite the fact that the vast majority of such results are from people who are asymptomatic, indeed perfectly healthy and non-infectious.

This ‘global plandemic’ appears to be specifically designed as a catch-all illness to give the deep state the excuse needed to distress the global economy ready for their long-planned Great Reset.

Tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses face ruin; millions of people now face job uncertainty; our national debt is soaring uncontrollably as we feed the greed and fraud of the private central banking system. The British economy has quite literally been trashed for a ‘virus’ that is said to have a 99% survival rate and where the average age of those who have died in the UK is just over 82 years!

Indeed, as of December 2020, NHS statistics showed that only 388 people aged under 60, who had no other underlying health conditions, have died of COVID-19 in England’s hospitals since the start of this so-called pandemic. Also, very strangely, it’s been noticed that figures for influenza and other seasonal illnesses have all strangely dropped off a cliff.

But what the government’s statistics are not telling us are the catastrophic effects that the repeated lockdowns are having on society as a whole. We unfortunately know that the mental health of our young people has been affected along with their education; that the number of suicides have increased; that well over 70,000 families have been made homeless during this ‘pandemic’; that there have been deaths due to cancelled cancer and other medical treatments; that something like 40,000 plus elderly people have died in care homes.

Indeed, it has to be said that the government-led restrictions on our elderly and vulnerable in these care homes during this last year have been an absolute national disgrace with so many vulnerable and confused people dying alone without being able to be with their loved ones in their final hours. This appalling callousness on behalf of the State is making some researchers say they are now starting to see some clear similarities with what happened in Hitler’s Germany with the Nazi’s planned eugenicist T4 Programme.  However, it must be emphasised that this has very largely nothing to do with the kindness, decency and professionalism of the care home staff themselves who do what they can for the people they are charged to look after. No, this is as a direct result of insane and cruel rules and regulations decreed by bought and corrupted scientists and politicians who, one day, must face a jury in a Common Law Court, charged with Misconduct in Public Office.

We are also being told by the mainstream media that NHS staff are now under enormous pressure with full ambulances sometimes queuing outside hospitals, waiting for beds. Yet repeatedly we have seen video footage of amateur sleuths walking the corridors of empty hospitals, wondering where everyone is.  When it comes to putting out information about what’s happening, it’s clear that the government’s tissue of consistent untruths and continuing gross deception is now starting to create very real problems for the credibility of the official narrative.

And when people finally realise the full extent of how our scientific establishment has been so heavily funded by just one man on a ‘humanitarian’ mission, they will know then that something is definitely not right. This excellent illustration absolutely says it all:

On this diagram, just look at the £280 million that’s been given by Bill and Melinda Gates to Imperial College London, and just look at what has emerged from this ‘illustrious’ centre of learning. None other than the flawed and fearmongering modelling of Professor Neil Ferguson, an academic fraud and ‘useful idiot’ to Gates and his deep state aspirations for a depopulated world. It would now appear that this appalling apology for an academic—and human being come to that—is not even qualified to do what he does. His list of abject failures makes you realise very quickly that this is a man on a mission to do the bidding of psychopaths. When the people finally wake up to everything that is going on, almost certainly, under the Law of the Land, a jury of his randomly selected peers will be waiting for him and the outcome may well see him languishing in prison for a very long time indeed.

‘Professor’ Neil Ferguson—a perfect example of a deep state ‘useful idiot’

And then we see the likes of Professor Devi Sridar, an American public health researcher who holds the position of Chair of the Global Public Health Academy at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently appearing on programmes like ITV’s Good Morning Britain almost on a daily basis—her COVID-19 pro-lockdown and scaremongering narrative is always eagerly sought by mainstream broadcasters. However, her background is typical of those who promote the globalist policies and ideals of the World Economic Forum and its planned Great Reset.

On Wednesday 10th February of this year, interviewed on Channel 4 News, Sir Charles Walker MP made an impassioned plea for the people to be allowed to come out of lockdown so that they could have their holidays and for the government to use common sense in helping to tackle the British people’s declining mental health. Whilst unfortunately not questioning the actual vaccine rollout itself, he is genuinely worried about what’s happening to the health and wellbeing of the nation, believing that there should be more emphasis on herd immunity. As soon as the interview was over, the interviewer went straight to Professor Devi Sridar who simply rolled her eyes and immediately likened the MP’s impassioned but well-reasoned plea to a child not being allowed to have treats. Her mask had slipped!

This unfortunate arrogance (and, you could argue, cruel streak) stems more than likely from Professor Sridar’s academic journey. In 2006, she joined the University of Oxford Global Economic Governance Programme, where she was awarded both MPhil and DPhil degrees. This so-called academic and elitist programme is clearly sympathetic with the aspirations and aims of the World Economic Forum and its intended Great Reset.

But it is the University of Edinburgh that really shows the career path of this young Professor, who is still only 36. Have a really good look and see what we are actually dealing with here.  For a start, you will see that she was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford (this is a mechanism whereby the deep state selects, fast tracks and lavishes promotion on carefully groomed and ambitious people such as President Bill Clinton); she served on the World Economic Forum’s Council on the Health Industry; and, surprise, surprise, she is an Associate Fellow at the Chatham House Centre on Global Health Security. When you research the make-up of the deep state, you will see that the secretive Royal Institute for International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House, is a key player for advancing their corporate and eugenicist ‘one world’ agenda.

Professor Devi Sridar—how would she and her colleagues react if challenged to a live mainstream TV debate with fellow professionals and academics who seriously don’t agree with her? Wouldn’t this be the right way to allay people’s fears about the doubts there are about this alleged ‘pandemic’ and about the efficacy of this vaccine rollout? Surely, it is better to let the truth come out unimpeded rather than imposing upon the nation a one-sided propaganda exercise that crudely and childishly calls all those who dare to question the official narrative ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’. Maybe some polite and friendly emails and letters should be heading in the direction of the good professor so that she can see that her stance is completely at odds with fair play, real democracy and what’s expected from academia? Everything should be out in the open!

As we have already seen, highly-qualified and independent academics, scientists and doctors, who have not been bought by Bill Gates and the major pharmaceutical companies, are witnessing their attempts to get the truth out about this ‘pandemic’ being obstructed at every turn. The bulk of the mainstream media and social media have willingly embraced a blatant policy of Orwellian censorship, thus bringing to an end our traditional values of free speech, not to mention the freedom of the press. Such restrictions have been known before in times of war when the morale of the nation was considered crucial but we are not at war today… or are we?

Incidentally, when it comes to the safety and efficacy of vaccines, the BBC has been brazen and confident enough to say on air that it will no longer tolerate any further challenge to the ‘proven’ science on vaccines; just as they have said about the ‘proven’ science that promotes anthropogenic or man-made global warming (more on that later). Where you have no debate, you have tyranny! With this in mind, the BBC will figure strongly in the ‘People’s Strategy’.

Before ending this section, it’s clear that we have been terribly let down by our MPs in Parliament and their blatant refusal properly to question the official COVID-19 narrative. However, there are two notable exceptions. The first is Sir Charles Walker, who we have already mentioned. Here he is again, this time absolutely appalled by the clumsy and unlawful arrest by the police of an elderly lady protesting outside Parliament and his promised response to it in Parliament. The second is Sir Desmond Swayne, who made an excellent speech in Parliament but who was then totally ignored by virtually all of his fellow MPs. These two MPs, whilst they have not publicly questioned the efficacy of the vaccine roll-out, should be encouraged and supported for their stands.

With what Sir Charles witnessed first-hand concerning inappropriate and unlawful behaviour by the police against law-abiding members of the public, let’s comment about what’s happening to law enforcement in this country. This ‘pandemic’, with its myriad of ridiculous guidelines for the police to enforce, has resulted in us losing once and for all the demeanour and qualities that hitherto ensured that the British ‘Bobby’ was held in such high esteem by the general public. Below, are some links which clearly show how our police have been changed or ‘reframed’ (research the deep state’s training pseudo-charity, Common Purpose and what it’s capable of when it comes to undermining societal norms) and discouraged from being allowed to use simple common sense and appropriate discretion to ensure real security and harmony for communities around the UK.

Whereas before, they applied themselves with smartness, friendliness and a bearing that encouraged nothing but respect, we now see the police often hatless, unshaven, slouching and with hands in pockets, slavishly wearing their ‘face nappies’. Sir Robert Peel would have been appalled. It’s no exaggeration to say that the very backbone of the police has been broken. Here are some recent links which clearly illustrate how we’ve lost the policing that we once so highly valued:

Finally, to close this section on the alleged pandemic, let’s consider these two sets of statistics that fully expose this whole COVID-19 narrative and scam.

Firstly, here’s what the World Health Organisation says about another major problem with global health: tuberculosis. According to their figures, 1.4 million people died globally in 2019 from this infectious respiratory disease whilst an estimated further 10 million people became ill with it. Were there attempts to lockdown the global economy and people’s personal freedoms to prevent the spread of this contagion? Of course, there weren’t.  But what about having some sort of local lockdowns in those eight countries that account for 87% of new TB cases (Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa)? No, nothing like that was ever considered—people in those countries were left alone on this by their governments just to get on with their lives. Why? Because that particular health problem was just not global enough for the criminal deep state to launch its long-planned Great Reset!

But it is this second statistic that puts everything into full perspective and which completely exposes the existence of this deep state agenda. At the time of writing (24/2/21), according to the World Health Organisation’s daily count, the current death toll from COVID-19 is 2,479,678. Now, the current world’s population is coming quickly up to 7.9 billion. So, by dividing 7,900,000,000 by 2,480,000, we get 3,185.

So, this means that much of the global economy has been trashed; our essential freedoms have been taken away from us; and we are about to be subjected to an Orwellian Great Reset because we are being told that there is a pandemic out there from which, for every 3,185 people, one individual has died! That’s right, we’re all having to embrace a new normal in our lives because one in three-thousand people has died from COVID-19… and, in all probability, that individual would have been around eighty years of age! If you want a REAL pandemic, suggest you research the Black Death of the 14th Century that may have killed 50 million people and wiped out 60 per cent of Europe’s entire population!  That WAS something to be scared of and to lock-down for!

Now, as we write this, a ‘serious debate’ is being initiated as to whether or not Vaccine Passports should be issued to ‘allow’ people to travel abroad; to visit places of entertainment; and to attempt to lead normal lives. The prime-minister and government ministers are now wringing their hands, going through the theatricals and pretence of making a ‘hard, agonising decision’ when we all know that the deep state demands such increasing draconian controls.

Here are some further informative videos and articles to watch concerning this alleged pandemic: An excellent and damning analysis of the worldwide annual death rate trend, based on official statistics! An excellent response to the BBC Panorama programme.  Doctors from around the world warn of great danger of the COVID vaccine. Evidence from Dr Michael Yeadon that cannot be ignored. Israeli Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and Dr Reiner Fuellmich (German lawyer) – Global Genocide   Excellent video by Sacha Stone with Professor Dolores Cahill and Dr Sherri Tenpenny discussing what people should do. Exposes that the data used by the official narrative is 100% wrong. Mask wearing and the influence of corrupted and bought academia. Swedish municipality bans masks as being completely useless. A monograph by Dr Vernon Coleman, proving that masks do more harm than good. Absolutely brilliant! Max Egan on fire! A comprehensive external peer review of the COVID RT-PCR test reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level, with consequences for false positive results.  Dr Joseph Mercola and Judy Mikovits discuss how the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine.  Excellent website by Robert F Kennedy Jr.  Exposing the complete myth around mask wearing The UK Medical Freedom Alliance has written several open letters severely criticising the Government’s COVID response.